Smoke Vent Options

Custom Curb Heights

• Standard Curb Height is 12″
• Custom Heights From 9″- 48″

Curb Options

• Single Wall Curbs
• Double Wall Curbs
• Curb Mount

Custom Finishes & Colors

• Anodized Aluminum
Kynar Aluminum
Powder Coat Steel and Aluminum

Pitch Corrected Curbs

• Sloped To Match Roof Pitch
• Recommended For Roof Pitches Greater Than 7:12

Louvered Curbs

• Provides Air Ventilation
• Meets Open Free Area Requirements For Hoistway Venting

Remote Close Assistance

• Manual Winch
• 3 button Controlled Motor (Open, Close, Stop)

Burglar Bars

• For Security Applications
• For Fall Protection Applicationsop)

Door Position Switch

• Opening vent doors triggers limit switch for security monitoring doors
• Amper Rating: 5.0A/0.4A
• Supply Voltage: 250 VAC Max/125 VDC Max