Roof Hatches

Babcock-Davis’ Roof Hatch product offering includes a complete line of roof access and safety products that meet life safety and building code requirements. With Babcock-Davis, we build our services around your specified needs.

Personnel Roof Hatches

• Personnel roof hatches provide safe access up to roof areas on commercial buildings including:
Ladder Access (sizes 36″x30″, 36″x36″, 48″x48″)
Ship Stair Access (sizes 30″54″, 36″x54″)
Service Stair Access (30″x96″, 36″x96″, 48″x120″)



Hurricane Hatch™ Roof Hatches

• Miami-Dade County, FL
NOA # 12-0320.29 Expiration Date 7/19/17
• Tested to meet Florida and Miami-Dade test standards
• Industry’s highest design pressure +/- 100PSF


SunLit Roof Hatches

• Natural Daylighting
• All commercial, retail, schools, and more
• Translucent dome cover available in clear and white


Security Roof Hatches

• For applications with heightened security
• Banks, water treatment plants, prisons, etc.
• Detention and mortise locks available


Equipment Roof Hatches

• Used when installing and removing large equipment through a roof
• Stainless steel options for corrosive environment





Roof Hatch Options

• Energy efficient insulation options
• Custom finishes & colors
• Pitch corrected curbs
• Door position switch
• Lock options