Materials & Finishes

• Type 304 Stainless Steel
• Type 316 Stainless Steel
• Anodized Aluminum
• Hot dip galvanized steel

Safety Grating Fall Protection

• Meets OSHA fall protection requirements
• Factory installed
• Orange powder coat, Aluminum

Padlock Hasp Through Door

• Simple hasp through the door that allows the hatch to be locked by a padlock.

Recessed Padlock Hasp with Hinged Cover

• In applications where security and traffic are important, this hasp is concealed under a lid that is flush with the hatch.

Mortise Lock

• A high security options that allows the hatch to receive a mortise cylinder with an extended cam.

Detention Lock

• Used where maximum security is required.
• Door is prepared to receive a detention dead-bolt lock.

Safety Chain

• A safety barrier for floor doors


• Added plate welded to frame to match slab depth
• Eliminates expensive and time consuming wood forming


Odor Reduction Gasket

• Creates a seal to help reduce noxious odor from escaping vault area below the hatch


Debris Gasket

• Reduces the amount of dirt and debris that pass through the frame into the gutter